EarthBased Research Foundation

This non-profit organization is dedicated to “bridging the gap to raise the baseline” for solving earth-based problems created by human activity. With a commitment to transparency and public accountability in all financial dealings, it collaborates with a network of scientists and innovative companies to address longstanding global challenges. Its divisions focus on crucial areas: Clean Water, Shipping Container Housing and Farming, Disease, and Education. Each division employs cutting-edge and sustainable solutions to promote environmental well-being, affordable housing, agricultural advancements, health improvement, and educational excellence. By integrating advanced science with holistic approaches, this non-profit is not just solving problems but is fundamentally transforming the way we think about and interact with our planet, aiming for a future where sustainable development and wellness are accessible to all.



The historical use of the land for uranium extraction, primarily for defense purposes, has left a toxic legacy in the form of contaminated soil and water. This contamination has led to significant health and environmental challenges for the communities living in these areas, particularly the Navajo Nation, as they are exposed to hazardous substances that can lead to serious diseases.

The importance of water cleanup in this region cannot be overstated. Contaminated water sources directly threaten the health of the residents and potential tourists, as they rely on these sources for drinking, cooking, and irrigation. The presence of heavy metals and other contaminants in the water can lead to chronic health conditions, including kidney disease, cancer, and developmental issues in children. Effective chelation and treatment of disease issues brought on by exposure are essential to the rehabilitation process. Chelation therapy involves using substances to remove heavy metals from the body. This treatment is crucial for individuals who have been exposed to toxic substances from the mines, as it can significantly reduce the load of heavy metals in their bodies and alleviate health issues caused by such exposure. Through this project, we can effectively chelate using both proven exclusion zone bioidentical water and Emeramide, a chelating agent, to rehabilitate damaged kidneys and liver.

This project, first planned to be implemented in Utah, focuses on bringing back balance to the earth and people, a holistic approach to healing the community. The initiative aims to restore the natural balance and create a safer, healthier environment for the residents by addressing the environmental damage through earth and water cleanup phases. This, in turn, supports the health rehabilitation phase, where the focus shifts to treating the individuals affected by the exposure and improving their quality of life. Innovative technologies and methods, such as hemp plants for uranium extraction and nanotechnology for heavy metal removal, demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to environmental remediation. These methods aim to clean up the contaminated areas and offer potential economic benefits, such as the sale of safely extracted uranium, which can be reinvested in the community’s development.


Clean Water

The Clean Water Division is at the forefront of addressing one of the most critical environmental issues: access to clean and safe drinking water. By collaborating with scientists and innovative companies, this division explores cutting-edge solutions for water purification and sustainable management. Emphasizing transparency, all projects and financial allocations are made public, ensuring accountability and fostering trust within communities served. This division’s work is vital in combating waterborne diseases and ensuring that clean water is not a privilege but a right for all. We use innovative technology to pull water from the air and convert it into exclusion zone deuterium depleted water with profound health benefits.

Shipping Container Housing and Farming

The Shipping Container Housing and Farming Division leverages the versatility of shipping containers to address urgent housing and agricultural needs. This innovative approach not only provides affordable and sustainable housing solutions but also revolutionizes urban farming practices. By converting containers into living spaces and greenhouses, this division contributes to solving homelessness and food security issues, demonstrating a practical model of sustainability and resilience in the face of global challenges.


The Disease Division is dedicated to advancing health outcomes through the innovative Cellular Alchemy protocols. Utilizing a biochem-physics approach combined with personalized nutrition and water-soluble flavonoids, this division offers new hope to individuals suffering from illnesses, addictions, or mental health issues. Their work underscores the non-profit’s commitment to raising the baseline of health care by integrating cutting-edge science with holistic wellness strategies, thereby enhancing the quality of life for those in need.


The Education Division pioneers a transformative approach to learning by integrating college-level material and problem-solving skills into elementary education. Highlighting their success, a one-year experiment at Seacrest Elementary in Flagstaff showcased remarkable achievements in science education, teaching fourth graders advanced topics such as biotechnology and DNA analysis alongside standard curriculum. This division’s innovative curriculum not only resulted in the highest science scores in the school’s history but also set a new standard for educational excellence, proving that early exposure to complex subjects can elevate students’ academic performance and critical thinking abilities.

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